About me

I am a Librarian in Higher Education who specialises in enriching the learning journey of Adult learners during their Academic Life. Most importantly, I introduce learners to the wonders of information showing them a path for lifelong learning.

I set up this blog to record my reflection during my learning adventures in Information Literacy, web applications, Technology, Learning, Teaching and 3-D virtual environments. My friends say that I am a trend-spotter. I certainly don’t see through a magic glass but I like having multidisciplinary discussions and envision the Academic Library in the most imaginable settings.

My Digital footprint expands on:

Twitter:   @EleniZazani Linkedin:  Eleni Zazani Mendeley:       Eleni Zazani
Blog:            www.zazani.info Slideshare: Eleni Zazani Second Life: Loreena Sandalwood
Flickr:           EleniZazani Google +:   Eleni Zazani Google Scholar: Eleni Zazani

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