My Presentations

  • Thu 24 October 2013:

Summary: Presentation delivered during the European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), Istanbul Turkey | 25 Oct 2013 as part of a workshop. Check more details about the workshop  and associated materials.

  • Tue 1st May 2012:

Summary: This was part of an event held on Second Life while Vickie Cormie, St Andrews University (Ishbel Hartmann in SL) and I, Eleni Zazani, Birkbeck College (Loreena Sandalwood in SL), reported back on highlights from the LILAC 2012 – (Librarian’s Information Literacy Conference) that took place in Glasgow in April.

The document summarises my talk on some of the most critical questions posed either directly by speakers during LILAC 2012 or formed at a meta-cognitive reflective stage after the conference. More about the event at Sheila Webber’s blog.

  • Wed 4th April 2012:

Don’t let it kill YOU!! : How to search, find & use images for Academic Practice

Summary: The presentation was prepared to be delivered on Second Life for the University of Patras, Greece students as part of the Open Workshop Information Literacy project, on Wed 4th April 2012.  [Please note: Significant part of the presentation is in Greek]

More about the Open Workshop at
More about the session at

  • Wed 7th Sep 2011:

Science Information Literacy Tutorials and Pedagogy

Summary: This presentation followed by discussion was delivered on wed Wed 7th Sep 2011, during the Journal Club meeting at the infolit iSchool, the virtual space of the University of Sheffield in the UK

  • Wed 23 Feb 2011:

Pedagogical Considerations in Developing an Online Tutorial in Information Literacy

Summary: Presentation followed by discussion on wed 23 Feb 2011, during the Journal Club meeting at the infolit iSchool, the virtual space of the University of Sheffield in the UK.

  • 5th of July 2010:

Bridging the gap: From Employability to Employment

Summary: This is the presentation of a Keynote speech given during the New Professionals Conference, 5th of July 2010 at the University of Sheffield.


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