Celebrating Continuing Development and Open Practice

It took me a while but I finally got there… I can know consider myself a Chartered Librarian!

Celebrating the completion of my Chartership came as a surprise to me; I hadn’t thought it would give me such joy! Possibly because I tend to take as granted the fact that learning is a lifelong process and it makes sense when we spent some time to critically reflect on it.


Click on the image to download the portfolio.

Peter Elbow (1998) worked on the concept of “free writing” as a technique to overcome the writing block, as well as capturing an idea as it occurs without worrying about the rules of good/bad writing. Especially during my Chartership process, it was worth engaging in a 5min activity of reflecting on new ideas which enabled me to observe my growth when new meaning was becoming part of me.

The good habit of taking action on my learning and see it via a reflective lens was perhaps the most valuable outcome of my Chartership.

I also seized the opportunity to engage with Open practices and therefore I licensed my portfolio with a Creative Commons Licence making it public in case other candidates can benefit from relevant examples the way I did.  Moreover, I wanted to reinforce the idea that everything on the web may be public but not free to use unless the creator has stated so.

Finally, having heard of the outcome of my application, it dawned on me how significant the mentor is to the mentee’s achievement.

I would like to thank my mentor, David Clover who helped me see the Chartership through and for his immense patience, as well as Elizabeth Charles and Maria Cotera for the rich conversations and multi-level support and guidance throughout the past three years.


Elbow, P., 1998. Writing without teachers 25th ed., New York: Oxford University Press.

Zazani, E. 2013. CILIP Chartership Portfolio. [CC BY NC-ND]

The 3D model of the portfolio was created with the 3D-box maker [http://www.3d-pack.com/]

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