Librarians and Open Educational Resources

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned the work that has been undertaken by the Open Educational Resources Research Hub  (for short, OER Research Hub or OERRH) and their ongoing research on “What the impact of OER on learning and teaching practices is”.

The COPILOT (Community of Practice for Information Literacy Online Teaching) collaborated with the researchers of the OERRH to develop a questionnaire and investigate how Librarians think about and use different types of online resources. 

COPILOT front side of flyer

The research data produced by the project will help people around the world make more informed decisions about online teaching and learning.

The COPILOT and the OER Research Hub would greatly value your participation in our research. To find out more about the project, and to take part in the questionnaire, please visit:

If you have questions regarding this study, you may contact the OER Research Hub by email:

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