MOOCs and Librarians: Keep the conversation live

Twitter escultura de arena - Twitter Sand sculpture by Rosaura Ochoa CC BY

Twitter escultura de arena – Twitter Sand sculpture by Rosaura Ochoa CC BY

On Twitter:

This is the second of the MOOCs and Librarians series of posts, following the one on opportunities for discussions via virtual forums and past conferences. Today’s post is focused on Twitter conversations including a poll on setting up a Twitter chat.

If you post MOOC-related news, comments, blog posts etc. try to use the #mooclib tag. I archive the tweets and have enabled open access to everyone who want to keep track of the conversation or see the raw data.

#moocLib Pie chartThe archive starts from the 13th of March 2013, from the first announcements of the Pennsylvania event,  to date. (21 Aug 2013). So far the discussion has generated 3,605 tweets and we have Shared 955 links.

Forthcoming Twitter Chat:

Would you like to chat on Twitter and share concerns? Take the quick poll.


Special thanks to Martin Hawksey for creating the Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet (TAGS) and keeps developing it for us to aggregate tweets. If you want to set up your own archive, start from Martin’s MESHe Blog.

Image credits:

Twitter escultura de arena” by Rosaura Ochoa is shared under a CC BY

“#moocLib Pie chart” by Eleni Zazani is shared under CC BY

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