MOOCs and Librarians: Join the #MOOCLib conversation

Derivative work from Ed's Diary of a teaching machine shared with CC BY-NC-SA (see image credits)

Derivative work from Ed’s Diary of a teaching machine shared with CC BY-NC-SA (see image credits)

This is the first of a series of posts that explore and propose communication channels for librarians who are involved or interested in MOOCs.

A few months ago, in March to be exact, a new group was formed, namely, MOOCs and Librarianship, following the first event, “MOOCs and Libraries:
Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge?”
, that took place in the University of Pennsylvania to explore challenges and opportunities that arise for Librarians as a result of MOOC provisions within their Institutions.

During this two-day meeting it became apparent that Librarians involved or to-be-involved in MOOCs enter an unexplored area and realised that communication on how to deal with challenges is vital.

Do you want to be part of the dialogue? See below some ways you can get involved.

Through Discussion Groups:

Google Group: MOOCs and Librarianship   – Free to join. Unlike its name the activity is not massive at the moment and therefore you will not be overwhelmed by the stream of conversations.

ACRL Group Discussion Group: Library Support for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Non-Librarian specific group

Association for Learning Technology. Special Interest Group on MOOCs.

Twitter account: @altmoocsig

Follow the outputs of two major Librarian-related Past MOOC events

18 & 19 March 2013
Title: MOOCs and Libraries: Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge?
Organisers: OCLC and the University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Download the presentations, watch the recorded talks and follow the outputs of the meeting.
Twitter conversations: #mooclib


Friday 12 July, 2013, First European MOOCs and Libraries Conference.
Title: MOOCs and Libraries: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Organisers: Open University Library, OCLC Research and JISC
Download the presentations.
Note: [Internet Explorer may cause you difficulty in downloading the presentations. In this case try Firefox or Chrome]
Twitter conversations: #mooclib

Image credits: Derivative work of the “Diary of a teaching machine” by Ed shared under CC BY NC-SA

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2 Responses to MOOCs and Librarians: Join the #MOOCLib conversation

  1. fred6368 says:

    I see this as an American discourse. MOOCs are for people who haven’t seen e-learning before and think it is a content-push phenomena, like a bad lecture. In America e-learning is dominated by ideas of ‘instructional design’ which is based on US Army training programs. Like the Peace Corps MOOCs sell “access” to American ideas as a good in itself. MOOCs represent a view of learning that is about privilidge and pre-dates any of the newer understanding that e-learning TEL has brought about in terms of andragogy, connectivism, constuctivisim, Vygostky, Papert, you name it. I guess libraries, as they did with e-learning for many years, are pickig up the responsibility of making this work?

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