Resolving Planning Reflecting and Inspiring 2013

A"Primer" calendar for 2013

A”Primer” calendar for 2013

The last year has been quite creative and fruitful! The previous post “2012 in review” captured only a fraction of this creativity as I started my blogging journey at the end of last April with the intention to publicly reflect on my first steps in learning and teaching in Higher Education and engage with Open Academic Practices.

This year I will continue the learning journey and …

My next stop is …

Next stop is #edcMooc

Next stop is #edcMooc

Another MOOC, the “E-learning and Digital Cultures” Massive Open Online Course, part of the Coursera platform that has been developed by “teachers and researchers in online education, who run the international MSc in E-learning distance education program at the University of Edinburgh.”

I intend to reflect and unavoidably compare the current learning experience with my previous one, update the links on the blog, aggregate and share content under the tag and category #EdcMooc

While I am setting off on a free online course, I am officially preparing to join the National Fellow Directory of the Higher Education Academy.

Next stop, National Teaching Fellowship of HEA

Next stop, National Teaching Fellowship of HEA

Having attended my first module on “Assessing learning” this week in the Institute of Education, I embarked on a Massive Body of Knowledge and a different professional culture for which I will be reflecting here under the tag and category #FHEA

This year will be a long learning journey but I have many classmates to reflect and learn with … just watch this space, and feel free to comment!

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