Proud MOOCer in the time capsule!

#fslt12 proud MOOCer

Last week’s live microteaching showcase called the end of the “first steps in Learning and Teaching”, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) developed by the HEA/JISC funded OpenLine Project and delivered by Oxford Brookes University.

The Tutor team thanked all the participants for their contributions and I felt like a student at the end of the school year, feeling nostalgia already.

It is interesting because the nostalgia I felt, didn’t take me back to my adult studies and the end of the academic year but in much earlier days when I was a pupil… Being puzzled myself with this feeling from that period, I realized that it certainly relates to my reflecting journey; it took me back to my first schooling experience, especially when I was thinking for the first time what learning is for me and what makes a good teacher.

Going back to these memories I could see myself feeling somewhat relieved and free from studying responsibilities, ready to store my books away, close this chapter and go out with other children in the neighborhood to play for the rest of the summer.  Neither can I forget the nostalgic feeling when the teachers were waving goodbye, wishing us a restful summer. One more year had ended and nothing could turn back the time.

The MOOC proved so very rich experience for me that I feel, even less than a week after, something is missing. It certainly exceeded my expectations.  In the next few posts I will be blogging about my expectations and my microteaching online experience.


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“The Proud MOOCer” is derivative work created by Eleni Zazani and shared under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-SA. The original, “Scholars in Pyjamas” shared by Mike Licht, under CC-BY.

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2 Responses to Proud MOOCer in the time capsule!

  1. helinurmi says:

    Eleni, you had an excellent topic in your microteaching, digital footprint. I want to know more about it 🙂 When do you have a longer teaching period? I loved your presentation, have listened the recordings this week (Friday was impossible because of Midsummer Eve in Finland)

    I enjoyed how you told your feelings after fslt12 , i had same pupil-feelings although participated less than you did.
    All the best to you!

    • elenizazani says:

      Hi Heli, I am really glad you liked the presentation! I think the need of understanding our digital identity and see what the Internet really knows about us will be more and more a necessity. For the students, I have created a platform where they can start exploring their digital footprint in various websites. Feel free to use it, if you want, to discover yours, starting form

      During the session I asked participants if they want to provide some feedback on a reflection worksheet available at If you have some time, please feel free to provide some feedback and tell me if you think this worksheet is suitable for them to reflect, if I need to change/add something. You should be able to edit the document by adding comments.

      I have a lot to reflect after this MOOC as I feel I learnt a lot. So I will continue blogging about my experience as a whole and of course about the microteaching activity.

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