Let’s warm-up! Pre-course activity


Let’s warm up!
What is learning for You?

Image: The image is part of my Flickr photostream, created with Pixton and shared under  CC-BY-NC-SA license

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6 Responses to Let’s warm-up! Pre-course activity

  1. celmers says:

    I am the one in front of the computer!

  2. Cathywint says:

    lol, love this picture. I think I’m one of the ‘jumping up and down mmm’-ers’
    Never heard of a mooc before, just dicsovered this in my twitter feed this morning (gotta love twitter) and am now happily exploring some great blogs. Love your post on the ‘ah’ moments of ‘what is learning for you’. 🙂

    • elenizazani says:

      Hi Cathywint,
      Glad you like it. Are you participating in the “first steps of learning and teaching in HE” course? The MOOC so far is a very rich experience.

      Pls, do not hesitate to add comments in the posts. I use this space for reflecting and sharing my experiences, so all the comments are extending my understanding.

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