Reflection – What makes a bad teacher?


In contrast with the good memories of caring teachers there were many instances of teachers who were:

  1. Distant
  2. Alienated from the class and the societal changes
  3. Full of prejudices wherein the diverse or different did not fit
  4. Without any sense of humour
  5. Without any spark for teaching

    Activity - What makes a bad teacher

    Activity – What makes a bad teacher

I can recall a specific teacher, during the end of Lyceum (the equivalent of college for A Levels). She was teaching History of Art from an amazing glossy, full of illustrations handbook. Initially, we couldn’t grasp what was wrong with her, but after the second lecture, we realised that she had memorised the exact text. The lecture was taking place in an amphitheatre where A/V equipment was available and the lights were low to enable us to see the slides from the projector.

Under the low light, the whole class were having the textbooks open and following the teacher line-by-line. What we were doing was to add the punctuation while she was talking and we laughed to tears.

my memory takes me to a talking head with an “empty” speech bubble.

Memories of a bad teacher

Thinking of her, in hindsight, my memory takes me to a talking head with an “empty” speech bubble. I can only assume that she was afraid of the class, or of her being exposed and feeling vulnerable in front of the class. I don’t know if she ever realised that by isolating herself from the class she only succeeded in becoming an animated cartoon.

Would this teacher be able to make me lose my interest for the subject?

Although this is another big subject for pondering, I need to say that her teaching didn’t loosen my passion for the History of Art. Possibly because I didn’t equate her teaching with the subject. I probably felt that in order for her to behave like a robot she should have had a difficult life to cope with. While I couldn’t always resist laughing I was feeling sorry for her.

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