Reflection – What makes a good teacher?


Peter Scales’s activities in the chapter “the reflective teacher” put me in a mode that made me think of the teachers I had in the past in a more reflective way. I could even recall the face of many of them, their movement and aura in the classroom. Interestingly, I felt that I would like to be able to meet with some of them again now, as an adult, although I don’t feel any nostalgia in the slightest about returning to my school years.

Looking back, I realised that the bad teachers along with the pedagogies of the time and the hopelessness of changing the bad side of the world, make me as an adult feel relieved that these school years are far behind.

Activity Good Teachers

Activity – Good Teachers

Which are the personal qualities, skills or attributes that made my good teachers so special?

  1.  They knew how to connect with the class, without bearing the solemnity or pomposity of the academic gown;
  2. They were good listeners. Each one of us was the centre of their attention while speaking. Most importantly, they considered us as adults;
  3. They were passionate not only about their subject but mainly about teaching;
  4. They were able to connect the subject with the real world and make boring theories or abstract ideas meaningful;Palmer Quote
  5. They were keeping a fine balance between their personal life and the public image of the teacher, giving us the impression that they were humans and always in a learning process. In practice, for many of them it was obvious that they were learning from us just as we were learning from them;
  6. They were highly interactive, triggering creative and critical thinking.

(These are more than five though)

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