Aggregate and Share

It is expected that during this First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education massive open online course (Mooc) all the participants will ..

  • Filter, select and gather (aggregate) the information that is meaningful to you,
  • Interpret (remix) this information bringing to it your own perspective and insights,
  • Refashion (repurpose) it to suit your own purpose, and then
  • Share it (feed forward) with other participants, to learn from each other.”

Although the course will officially start on Mon 21st of May, I devote time for preparation and reflection.  One of my challenges is to manage information so that it is easily findable across many physical workstations and web platforms.

Aggregation and sharing become very important even at this early stage! To facilitate this, I set up a Twitter archive which will gather all the tweets and links we will be sharing under the #fslt12 hashtag.

Get the Twitter Archive for #fslt12

The archive we enable us to revisit comments and links shared via Twitter at any point and essentially it becomes part of our memory. (It is evident that we don’t remember what we did on the web and where we found information)

At a later stage it could provide some meaningful data on:

  • the virtual connections participants made;
  • the kind of links we shared;
  • what kind of information we shared;

Get the Twitter Archive for #fslt12

The Script was created by mhawksey

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4 Responses to Aggregate and Share

  1. fred6368 says:

    Hi Eleni, cool and serendipitous stuff. We developed the Aggregate then Curate model as part of the Ambient Learning City project; Hope you enjoying MOOCing around 😉

    • elenizazani says:

      Hi Fred, Thank you for commenting on the post!

      Very useful and interesting project (MOSI) I will have a more thorough look at the model. I believe that data curation is the next big thing we need to think about. Especially with data aggregation from Social Media and sequencing we don’t talk about data anymore but for Big Data! So curation is as vital as management! Great post.

      Please pop in my blog from time to time to comment. Your comments will enrich my MOOCing experience.

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