Virtual arrival lounge

It was Good Friday when I thought it was a good idea to have a look at my twitter account before escaping to the Surrey downs. It was then that I read a tweet announcing the Mooc.

It was an on the spot decision to register my interest, driven by my strong desire to learn more about teaching in Higher Education in a more structured way.

My main endeavours are multifaceted:

From a professional development perspective, I would like:

    • to enrich my understanding of the pedagogy theories and practices of learning and teaching in HE;
    • to experiment with different teaching approaches;
    • to engage with open academic practices for educational development
    • to meet other educators and engage with discussions on e-learning,
    • to learn from their perspective in pedagogies, and practices;
    • to share a Library’s challenges in supporting HE students;
    • to better understand and engage with digital literacies;

      Espresso freddo

      Arrival lounge, sipping an espresso freddo... I wish

    • to have the opportunity to remotely collaborate with other participants;
    • to have the creative “space” to create new resources and reflect upon them;
    • to try different tools and experiment with their potential;
    • to reflect and try different models of critical thinking (reflective practitioner).

From a student’s perspective, it will be a very interesting journey to:

  • gain more insight while balancing life, work and studies with assignments. My students are adult learners, with complicated lifestyles; so how do we support them to make their lives easier without compromising their discovery of knowledge and information?
  • understand how reflection via online tools can enhance students’ critical thinking, and to gain an understanding of their limitation and potential;
  • experience Moodle as a student rather than as an instructor.

I would like to be assessed because:

  • it will give me extra motivation to keep me going;
  • I consider this as an introduction to the next steps of seeking full accreditation for teaching in HE.
  • Last but not least, it will certainlybe invaluable for me to have a tutor commenting on my progress and grade my achievements.
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5 Responses to Virtual arrival lounge

  1. Hallo Eleni, I am having some troubles posting in the Arrival Lounge of the Moodle for the MOOC. I would like to participate in the course also and be assessed-I am wondering if you could point me in the right direction? Best regards, Lucy Johnson

  2. helinur says:

    Hi Eleni
    thanks for coffee, good idea!

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